“I love my DEKA laser. It has the power I need for surgical procedures, yet is gentle enough to use around implants and delicate periodontal tissues. With this technology I can confidently perform all soft tissue procedures. It has been a powerful revenue generator for my practice. Less bleeding, less post operative pain, and reduced swelling and inflammation… who wouldn’t want that for their patients?”

Robert Heller, DDS
Co-Director, Midwest Implant Institute

“As a general dentist and Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology, we do a lot of periodontal, peri implant, oral surgery and implant surgery in our practice / teaching center. I’ve been using the DEKA CO2 laser for years now and its versatility for these types of procedures and more make it an essential part of our everyday practice!”

John Minichetti, DDS
Director of New York & Las Vegas AAID Maxicourses
Incoming President of ABOI

”My DEKA laser is diverse enough to perform advanced surgical procedures as well as nuanced tissue adjustments all while providing a clean field, reduced post operative pain, and improved healing. I can’t imagine working without it.”

Tom Bilski, DDS
Co-Director, Midwest Implant Institute

“The DEKA CO2 laser is a great adjunct to every Dental Practice. The versatility of the DEKA CO2 laser, allows the practitioner to treat everything from soft tissue surgeries to minimally invasive periodontal procedures. It has been a super addition to our practice!”

Ron Kaminer, DDS
Catapult Speaker Bureau Member

“As a progressive dentist, I cannot Imagine how I ever practiced without the DEKA laser. The combination of power, precision and post-operative comfort makes this one of the most important tools in my armamentarium. This is what a laser should be!”

Jeff Horowitz, DDS
Catapult Speaker Bureau Member

“Integration of the DEKA CO2 laser has profoundly impacted the way we practice dentistry. The efficiency created is mind-blowing and will benefit our patients in many therapeutic ways. The technology is amazing.”

Chad C. Duplantis, DDS
Catapult Speaker Bureau Member

“I find the DEKA CO2 laser makes routine restorative and surgical procedures easier to see and beneficial for the tissue. I also find procedures to do that I avoided with traditional cutting instruments. My scope of dentistry has expanded and I enjoy being “the laser doc”. I have used different laser wavelengths over a 20 year period but the CO2 is the only laser in my office now (and I have 3 of them).”

Dr. Jon M. Julian
Catapult Speaker Bureau Member

“In our perio practice we’ve had multiple DEKA CO2 lasers for many years. We recommend the DEKA CO2 laser for its versatility as the most powerful and precise surgical laser with a wide array of applications in periodontics, oral and implant surgery.”

Mehrdad Favagehi, D.D.S., M.S.
Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology

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