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DEKA SmartPerio 10W ND:YAG Laser

The DEKA SmartPerio 10W Nd:YAG Laser represents state-of-the-art Nd:YAG laser technology for a wide variety of applications in dentistry. This innovative technology provides clinicians with increased speed, precision, and optimal clinical performance.

The SmartPerio laser unites two vital and indispensable features for your practice:


The SmartPerio represents state-of-the-art Nd:YAG laser technologies for application in dentistry. With average power up to 10W, frequency up to 100 Hz, adjustable pulse widths, and innovative biostimulation capabilities for wound healing and bone growth, the DEKA SmartPerio laser is the most versatile Nd:YAG available on the market today. Customized treatment options will guide you in your choice of suitable clinical protocol for various applications.


The SmartPerio laser can be easily moved. It is totally self-contained; no water or air connections are necessary. The special design and dimensions make the DEKA SmartPerio Laser easy to use and transport. The color touch screen manages the functions necessary for appropriate treatments in a practical and intuitive manner. Lightweight flexible handpieces ensure precision and safety for optimal clinical performance.


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We are proud to be partnering with leading educators, learning institutions, and distribution partners. DEKA is committed to utilizing all technology to its fullest potential.

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